Cal Cunningham Will Not Deny Possibility That He Has Other Affairs


Democrat North Carolina U.S. Senate candidate Cal Cunningham will not deny the possibility that he has other extramarital affairs that could be revealed. Cunningham’s affair with Arlene Guzman Todd — with whom he had sex in his family home — reportedly “devastated” a possible second mistress according to a former Cunningham campaign adviser. How many women are there?

“I have taken responsibility for the hurt that I’ve caused in my personal life. I’ve apologized for it,” Cunningham stated in a virtual press conference in which he dodged four separate questions about the possibility of other extramarital affairs.

After NATIONAL FILE busted Cunningham’s affair with Guzman Todd, a veteran’s wife, Cunningham had his virtual fundraising event with Democrat Sen. Tammy Duckworth postponed Wednesday night.

“Unfortunately, we are going to postpone today’s fundraising event. Courtney from our team will reach out with further information on the new date as we can reschedule,” stated Cunningham fundraiser Jackie Mwesigwa in an email obtained by Breitbart News.

Cal Cunningham faces a call to drop out of his race against Republican incumbent Sen. Thom Tillis. (READ: Cunningham’s Mistress Has Nude Photos of Cal, Slept With the Democrat In Cal’s Family Home).

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Jeremy Todd, a wounded Army veteran and the husband of Cunningham’s mistress Arlene Guzman Todd, wants Cunningham to drop out of the race and for Cunningham to face potential military punishment for his actions. Cal Cunningham is currently being investigated by the Army Reserve, where he is an officer, for his adultery. A former Cunningham campaign adviser alleged that Cunningham engaged in a second affair, and that his other mistress is “devastated” by the news of Cunningham’s relationship with Guzman Todd.

“Mr. Cunningham chose to repeatedly engage in activities that would hurt his family and a fellow junior officer and veteran. If elected, I can only imagine how misplaced his judgment would be for the people he’s charged to represent. I firmly believe Mr. Cunningham should drop out of the Senate race and ask that his behavior and actions be reviewed under the Uniform Code of Military Justice,” Jeremy Todd stated Wednesday to the News and Observer.

In text messages, Arlene Guzman Todd tells her friend that her husband Jeremy Todd “was all suicidal and shit a couple of nights ago” and “Had a gun out.” Guzman Todd added, “I could not be bothered.”

Guzman Todd then said that Cunningham mocked the potential suicide situation by telling her, “You’re going to be the best therapist ever at this rate. Sorry you’re having to deal with it.”

The Army Reserve is currently investigating officer Cunningham’s adultery, which could result in severe military punishment and even a year of “confinement” for Cunningham.

Cunningham’s paramour Arlene Guzman Todd has been recently listed as media director of a marijuana public relations company and has been a California State University lecturer. Arlene Guzman Todd has also recently worked at the public relations firm RW Jones, which has clients including the University of Southern California and many public California universities.

Arlene Guzman Todd’s husband Jeremy Todd has been an active duty servicemember. Jeremy Todd was an Army Sergeant First Class who served in the U.S. Army with five combat deployments including in Iraq and Afghanistan, then studied at the University of Southern California in a determined bid to support his young family.

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“My wife carried me through. She is really the superhero in all this. The wives are the unsung heroes of the military, the spouses that deal with everything. Without good wives and family, I don’t think soldiers would be successful in their missions and everything they do,” Jeremy Todd said of his military wife Arlene Guzman Todd. Guzman Todd has not returned requests for comment.

Cal Cunningham’s first public response regarding the scandal was weak, with Cunningham maintaining that the campaign is not about his private life and avoiding going into specific detail about his affair.


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