VIDEO: Pro-Biden Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson Once Appeared in SNL Sketch About Child Raping Robot


Professional wrestler and actor Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, who over the weekend endorsed Joe Biden for President, once appeared in a Saturday Night Live sketch in which he joked about creating a “child molesting robot” capable of raping “twice as many children in half the time.”

While hosting the show in 2017, Johnson portrayed a character named Roy who had created the robot as part of an evil invention competition. While the two other mock contestants presented more generic tools of comic book villains – a “shrink ray” and a “freeze ray” – Johnson’s character took things much further, presenting the contest judges with the child molesting robot he had nicknamed “Robo Chomo” – chomo being a slang term used by inmates to refer to convicted child predators.

“Hi guys, my name is Roy and for the most evil invention in the world contest I invented a child molesting robot,” Johnson’s character told the judges. “It’s a robot that’s designed to molest children and I call it ‘Robo Chomo.'” After assuring the judges that the robot was powered by renewable solar energy, Johnson’s character bragged that it could “molest twice as many children as a human molester in quite frankly half the time.”

Taking things in an even darker direction, Johnson’s character then told the judges that in order to create the child molesting robot, he first created a normal robot – and then molested it in hopes that it would go on to molest children itself. “You start by building a regular robot, then you molest it and hope that it continues the cycle,” he said.

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While video of the sketch has recently resurfaced, in 2017, many SNL viewers were reportedly outraged that NBC had aired the footage in the first place. According to a report from the entertainment news site Uproxx, published shortly after the episode aired and titled “People Were Not Happy With The Rock’s Weird ‘Robot’ Sketch on ‘SNL,'” viewers of the show took to Twitter to express their dismay.

“Hang your heads in shame,” wrote one Twitter user. “@TheRock Robot skit = one skit too far. Bottom of barrel SNL comedy writers = clueless.”

“The robot skit was disgusting, you have children, you could have said no. No wonder I haven’t watched SNL in years,” wrote another.

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