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VIDEO: Seattle Police Distract Antifa With Country Music, Then Launch Ambush Attack To Disperse Crowd


Multiple angles show members of the Seattle Police Department playing Save A Horse (Ride A Cowboy) by Big And Rich to apparently distract Antifa rioters while additional officers arrived from another direction to confront the rioters and begin making arrests.

In a video posted by KTTH’s Jason Rantz to Twitter, a small group of police are seen standing across from a larger group of Antifa for several seconds, appearing highly outnumbered, when music suddenly begins playing from a Seattle Police Officers Guild building.

As members of the mob begin mocking the police for their choice in music, and pointing their smartphones at the speakers on the outside of the building, a much larger group of police on bicycles speed into the area, riding their bicycles through the crowd of Antifa and appearing to make several arrests.

“When the mob showed up to the Seattle Police Officers Guild office – with Molotov Cocktails hoping to do damage – there was a pleasant surprise,” wrote Rantz on Twitter, revealing that the police union blared Big And Rich. “It triggered the agitator who was streaming last night.”

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Another angle shows the scene after police arrived. With music still playing, more police vehicles are seen arriving as officers are apparently in the process of making arrests.

The user who uploaded the video notes that the Seattle police were “more aggressive than I’ve seen to disperse the crowd, which up to this point was 100% peaceful.”

In reply, Rantz noted, again, that members of the mob were “armed with Molotov cocktails.”

Seattle Antifa were recently seen on video throwing Molotov cocktails at the Seattle Police East Precinct building that was abandoned when police were ordered to surrender the area to a group of anarchists that occupied the area for around a month, turning it into an autonomous collective named CHAZ.

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