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VIDEO: Nurse Shows Chinese COVID-19 Equipment DISINTEGRATE in Use


A video where a French nurse reportedly shows defective equipment sent from China amid the coronavirus crisis disintegrate as she uses it, has circulated social media, adding to concerns over the quality of products sent from the country where the outbreak began.

In the video, the nurse puts on protective scrubs which fall apart as she wears them.

The video was introduced in a tweet captioned: “French nurses record a video to thank the Chinese for the personal protection equipment they have sent them to battle the #Coronavirus.

Commenters didn’t take too kindly at the footage, one poked holes in the EU’s quietness in dealing with the outbreak as its southern Mediterranean states bear the brunt of the crisis.

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“I wonder why France is unable to make such simple protective equipment at home? Why the whole EU is unable to produce fabric clothing and masques?” the tweeter inquired.

At least ten countries have reported faulty or compromised equipment sent from China to combat the deadly coronavirus that has infected over 1.5m people worldwide.

The current economic situation wrought by the global pandemic has prompted several countries to rethink their relationship with the second-largest global economy over their opaque, mendacious response during the crucial phase of the outbreak, and the shoddiness of the items sent internationally to combat the crisis.

Japan recently announced it would be paying its manufacturing companies to relocate either back home or to another country where supply lines would not be interrupted. Japan was also set to host a now-postponed once-in-a-decade summit with Xi Jinping to consolidate closer relations with China.

An Indian social media user wrote: “I don’t know why the European government beleive [sic] in China and every one know [sic] that china is a lier [sic] and selling the fake and poor quality. China spread the virus in the world and now the china [sic] earn lot of money from European countries.”

An unpopular video did the rounds not too long ago, where a Chinese factory worker laughed as he rubbed face masks on the bottom of his shoe.

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