VIDEO: McAuliffe Insists 'Everybody Clapped' When He Called Parents Racist And Said They Shouldn't Be Involved In Education


Democratic candidate for Virginia governor Terry McAuliffe claimed that “everyone clapped” when he slammed parents as racist for objecting to racist anti-white racist material and demanded that they stop having a say in the material taught to their children.

“Out of thousands of books you could look at, why did you take the one black female author? He’s ending the campaign on a racist dog whistle,” McAuliffe said of his opponent Glenn Youngkin. “The question should be, should parents be allowed to take books off of shelves? Should that be left to parents or left to school boards and others who do this every single day? Everyone clapped when I said it.”

Todd replied, “They would say this is not about banning a book, this is about informing parents that a book may have some material that not all parents will be crazy about, we should let you know your kid is going to be dealing with this material.”

McAuliffe made headlines last week after resurfaced footage from 2009 showed him railing against the type of career politician that he went on to become:

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Twelve-year-old video footage from 2009 of former Virginia governor and current Democrat gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe shows the 64-year-old career politician railing against career politicians and calling for term limits, proudly stating that “too many people stay in politics too long.”

“You know, listen, I’m also open if people want to talk about term limits, I just think sometimes too many people stay in politics too long,” McAuliffe said. “Get in, make your mark, and go and do something else. Let’s continually bring new people into politics with lots of new ideas, it’s good for the process, it’d be great for Virginia, it’d be great for this country.”

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