VIDEO: Man Arrested for Attending Toronto #BLM Protest in Blackface


A man was arrested while attending a Toronto, Canada Black Lives Matter protest while wearing complete blackface over the weekend, and authorities say he may now be charged with a hate crime.

In the series of videos from the protest, the man calmly laughs as other protesters question his presence. Police quickly intervene to remove the blackface prankster.

Commenters were split over the young man’s practical joke.

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“Disgusting. [You] know he did it too to invite violence so he can prove a point that the protesters are violent,” tweeted one person.

Another Twitter user joked, “Nice of @JustinTrudeau to make an appearance.”

A third wrote, “Leftists are starting to understand the concept of hypocrisy and its effect on their legitimacy. This is clearly an excellent method of demonstrating both. You can’t have it both ways – you voted for exactly this. People know you voted for this. NOW it’s bad? Right.”

Other social media users attempted to dox the bold prankster by lightening his skin tone for easier identification.

Local news reporter Lucas Meyer tweeted: “UPDATE: Deleted previous tweet which was inaccurate, apologies. Not charged* with breach of the peace, he was arrested* for breach of peace. TPS says he may face a hate crime charge, determined with consultation with Crown.”

“Context: a circle was made with some chants from those in the middle. He walked in, turned towards #TORONTO sign, crossed arms, middle fingers up. People were shocked realizing what was happening and moved in. He said it was freedom of speech as he was taken away,” Meyer added in the following tweet.

Global News reported that no charges have been filed following the incident.

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National File will be keeping abreast with any new revelations in this ongoing story.

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