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Another Dog Killed By Rioters As Detroit Home Burned During Riots


A Detroit father of five is the latest victim of the George Floyd riots’ wanton destruction as his home and work truck were destroyed in a blaze following the demonstrations that rocked the country over the past week.

Speaking with Fox 2, family man Roderick Reynolds told them of his tragedy. He said: “I put my family first. I put every dollar I got into this house.

“Like, there’s a lot of stuff that I want, but I prioritize for my family. Every dollar. Every dollar I get I put into my house, and I take care of my kids.”

“This is devastating for me,” he continued. “I’m a big boy, so I’m gonna just keep on pushing.”

It was later revealed that in the devastation the family dog was killed.

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On Reynold’s GoFundMe, set up to help piece the father’s life together following the fire, it was revealed that the family dog was killed in the flames.

His Go Fund Me, which has amassed nearly $500,000 at this present time, read:

Hard working father of 5 home burned to ground after being set ablaze on Thursday morning.  Family dog was lost in fire. Father purchased home from land bank for his family an was working day an night on home.  Home was a few weeks away from being habitable so that he could obtain home insurance. This is beyond heart breaking to receive a call that your home you invested blood, sweat, and tears in literally was no more.

Anything can help.

The Reynolds’ family dog is the second reported canine casualty from the George Floyd riots as a Memphis puppy, abused on camera, was later found dead.

National File reported:

A sickening image shows a group of rioters mistreat an allegedly stolen puppy for a camera crew filming in Memphis, Tennessee, before the canine was reportedly killed.

In the footage, the puppy, allegedly stolen from a mill, was dangled around by the scruff of the neck and pressed overhead by one the rioters on film. Before stopping to show off the hound, the leash was clearly restricting the dog’s airflow.

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As the man inappropriately lifted up the dog for the camera, he and other rioters threw symbols at the camera, while the puppy appeared to be visibly frightened.

National File will continue to report on the commission of animal abuse amid these uncertain times.

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