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VIDEO: Liz Cheney, Fresh Off Censure With 10% Approval, Says Trump Must Not Represent Republicans


Wyoming Congressman Liz Cheney, who was recently censured by her state Republican Party and who boasts an embarrassing 10% approval rating among her constituents, now says that President Donald Trump must have nothing to do with the Republican Party going forward.

In an interview with Chris Wallace, the interviewer seemingly panicked as he asked Cheney if President Trump and Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene had a place in the Republican Party.

“We have to really take a hard look at what we stand for, what we believe in,” said one of the most unpopular elected Republicans in history. “When you look at both his actions leading up to what happened on January 6, the fact that he was impeached in a bipartisan fashion, the fact that he lost the presidency, the fact that he lost the Senate,” Cheney droned.

“We have to be in a position where we can say we stand for principles, we stand for ideals.”

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“Someone who has provoked an attack on the United States Capitol to prevent the counting of electoral votes, which resulted in five people dying, who refused to stand up immediately when he was asked and stop the violence? That is a person who does not have a role as a leader of our party going forward.”

Ironically, Cheney only retained her third rung leadership position in the Republican Party because House members were allowed to vote in a secret ballot. Only 60 House Republicans privately took a stand against Cheney.

Still, she continued, “We have to make sure that we are able to convey to the American voters, we are the party of responsibility, we are the party of truth.”

Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) has taken a firm stand against Cheney, who he believes should have nothing to do with the Republican Party leadership. Gaetz has also taken a stand against Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-CA), who has repeatedly defended Cheney against criticism from the party’s voters.

“House Republicans overwhelmingly voted to say that this person speaks for them,” wrote Gaetz on Twitter. “She does not speak for me. (She also does not speak for Wyoming)”

In another tweet, Gaetz slammed McCarthy, writing “Kevin put it all on the line for Liz. Every House Republican knows it.”

One of Cheney’s newest colleagues, Rep. Bob Goode (R-VA), demanded Cheney tender her resignation after she voted to impeach President Trump.

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