VIDEO: Joe Biden Refers To Kamala Harris’ Husband Doug Emhoff As 'Kamala’s Wife'


Former Vice President and current Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden appeared to make another trademark gaffe when he referred to Doug Emhoff – the husband of Biden’s running mate Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) – as “Kamala’s wife” during an October 26 interview with NBC 5.

Biden’s misstatements and Freudian slips on the campaign trail have become so commonplace in recent months that they now rarely make national news, except when spotlighted by the Trump campaign.

“But my wife Jill, as you know, and Doug Emhoff, uh Kamala’s wife will be back later this week, I think on Friday,” Biden stated during the interview.

The fact that Harris is known for her aggressive speaking patterns and did not take Emhoff’s name when the two married in 2014, coupled with the fact that Emhoff sidelined his own career to help Harris with her political aspirations, could give Biden, 78, a plausible excuse for why he misspoke on Emhoff’s marital status in the NBC 5 interview.

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Emhoff also said during a recent interview with Marie Claire that Harris often checks him on his “white and Jewish privilege”:

Being with Harris has helped Emhoff, who is white and Jewish, recognize his privilege—his carefree attitude at airport customs; breezy exchanges with security guards—and see into his blind spots. Harris calls out these incidents in real time, Emhoff says. “She’ll say, ‘You realize that wouldn’t have happened if you weren’t a white dude?’”

Nonetheless, Biden’s gaffes have become a growing concern for voters in the lead-up to the November 3 election.

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The former Vice President’s campaign trail appearances have become increasingly rare as the Biden campaign opts to send out Biden’s wife Jill, along with Harris and Emhoff, to interact with voters instead.

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