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VIDEO: Instagram Video Shows Baltimore Man Bash White Man's Head With Brick in Unprovoked Attack


An Instagram video showing a black smash the back of a white man’s head head was posted to the social media network with the hashtags “#WhiteLivesDoNotMatter” and “#BlackLivesMatter.”

The short clip shows a black man stalk a random white man walking down the street before running up to him and throwing a brick to the back of his head from close range, instantly knocking him out and falling hard to the pavement.

The giggling person filming cheered as a horrific thud was heard as the brick made contact to the man’s skull. Despite the violence content being celebrated, the video remained on the platform for several hours after it was posted.

The Instagram video, posted by the account ‘traysavage_’, celebrates the cowardly attack with the caption:

“YOUNG MAN YOU GOT KNOCKED [THE F***] OUT 😂😂 BITCH YOU BET NOT RUN 😂😂 Unk tried to kill yo #explorepage #explore #baltimore 😱🤷🏽‍♂️ 🤦🏽‍♂️ Pray for unk #WhiteLivesDoNotMatter #BlackLivesMatter”

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Before it was deleted, the video amassed over 200 likes and 900 comments on Instagram.

Prominent social media users also tweeted out the video of the attack which some have suggested constitutes attempted murder.

One Twitter user called out the mainstream media gaslighting and propaganda which has emboldened acts of interracial physical violence.

In the past week, National File reported on two random politically-motivated black-on-white stabbings–ignored by the mainstream media–to have taken place due to the incessant propaganda disseminated by the mainstream press.

One white man was chased around and stabbed in the torso while walking his dog in his Aurora, Colorado, apartment complex. His attacker yelled “Black lives matter” during the assault.

A white AutoZone employee in Columbus, Georgia, was stabbed seven times as his attacker wanted to “kill” a “white male” after watching videos of “police brutality.”

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