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Colorado Man Faces Potential Murder Charges After Stabbing Man, Yelling 'Black Lives Matter' in Random Attack


An Aurora man faces hate crime and attempted murder charges as he allegedly stabbed a white man in a frenzied attack while he yelled “Black lives matter.”

Steve Sinclair, 30, could face first-degree murder charges–if his victim were to pass away–and hate crime charges for the alleged attack that took place on Tuesday evening near East Alameda Avenue and South Sable Boulevard, per 9News.

Sinclair is alleged to have stabbed 29-year-old father-of-one Michael Conner in what appeared to have been an unprovoked attack. One witness recalls who Sinclair threatened to kill Conner and his dog after walking him to him–but it is unclear as to what led up to the heated interaction.

The witness claims that Sinclair told Conner “I’m going to kill you and your dog,” while Conner, from the hospital, said that Sinclair shouted “Black Lives Matter” before stabbing him.

Sinclair is alleged to have chased Conner around before the stabbing as Conner attempted to defend himself with a stick.

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After plunging the blade into Conner’s chest, the victim was transported to hospital suffering from a collapsed lung and required emergency surgery.

“Michael was stabbed Tuesday night while walking his dog in his apartment complex,” Conner’s GoFundMe page reads. “A man jumped over his patio and attacked him. Michael has a 5 month son and is a the main household provider. He cannot work the next 6 weeks due to a surgery and collapsed lung. We are raising money for medical bills and his future doctor visits. Anything would be greatly appreciated!”

When police arrived to the scene, Sinclair kept repeating “Black lives matter” to the arresting officers. Sinclair had his hands up when police arrived telling them “I stabbed him, I’m a psychopath,” while refusing to sit down and insisting that they should shoot him.

Despite the initial turbulence, Sinclair was arrested without incident. He is currently held at the Arapahoe County Jail on suspicion of attempted first-degree murder and a bias-motivated crime causing bodily injury–a “hate crime.”

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