VIDEO: Bodycams Capture Deadly Police Shootout in Baltimore After Man Blows Up His Own House


Shocking video footage from Baltimore shows a shootout with the police after a man who believed the FBI were stalking him blew up his own house.

The bodycam footage, which was released by Baltimore County Police, shows the man, later identified as Everton Brown, 56, engaging in a shootout with police officers as soon as they arrived at the scene. The officers were responding to numerous 911 calls from neighbours of Brown, after he set his own house on fire and shot and stabbed 4 people. “He was shooting towards us,” said neighbour Kweku Quansah, who saw him walking between cars firing shots. “And then I saw a lady on the ground. He turned and shot the lady again on the ground.”

In the footage, Brown stands off against the police hiding behind his red truck, and gets downed by the officer who arrived on the scene first. After moving up towards Brown, who still had the gun near him at the time, multiple officers fire repeatedly at him. As the officers approach Brown, sparks fly up from his burning house behind him.

Police spokesman Joy Stewart confirmed that Brown later died of his injuries in hospitals. “That threat was neutralized,” Stewart told media at the scene. “At that point, firefighters were able to address the fire.” Three of the four people injured by Brown, Sara Alacote 37, Sagar Ghimire 24, and Ismael Quintanilla 41, also died from stabbing and gunshot wounds. A fourth person who was shot outside their home survived. Police recovered a handgun, knife and several explosive devices from the scene of the crime.

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Brown was well known within the community for being a troubled individual. Believing he was being stalked and harassed by the FBI, Brown had been threatening people in the community for years, believing they were victimising him. Quansah described him as a “ticking timebomb,” saying it was always a matter of “when” and not “if” Brown did something like this. An example of his troubled mindset can be seen in the Baltimore County police bodycam footage, which shows a sign on the back of his truck claiming that “black people are the tool used to maintain racism.”

Brown further documented his beliefs and experiences on his YouTube channel. With videos dating back to 2009, he can be seen protesting outside the White House during the Obama presidency, demanding help from the then-commander in chief. In the most recent video, Brown claimed that the FBI had been poisoning his dog; his evidence being that its excrement wasn’t solid. The Baltimore Sun even reported on Brown in 2008, who said that the police repeatedly entered his home after obtaining his alarm code from his alarm company.


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