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VIDEO: Black Woman Tells Portland Rioters She's 'Tired of Y'all,' Orders Them to Clean Their Mess


A black woman in Portland, Oregon angrily exited her vehicle to confront Black Lives Matter rioters in the city, telling them she’s tired of them being on the streets and ordering them to clean up when they’re done, as the city continues to suffer unabated civil unrest with the mayor refusing federal assistance from President Donald Trump.

Video captured a woman leaving her vehicle as rioting raged around her in Portland. Journalist Brendan Gutenschwager claims she “drove into the crowd earlier, got out of her car and confronted the protesters.”

Immediately after leaving her vehicle, the woman shouted “I’m tired of y’all walking around this city. Time to clean up, bro.” Rioters almost immediately began confronting her, resulting in an unintelligible garble of angry statements made from both sides.

Eventually, one of the rioters approaches her and orders her, “Hey, sister, get in your car and go, sister.”

“Alright, bro, I want to make sure you clean up when y’all done,” the woman said, as the man seemed to suggest he wanted her to leave to prevent damage to her vehicle. “I don’t give a f*ck about my car, bro, but make sure you clean up when you’re done, bro. F*ck my car, clean up when you’re done.”

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As the woman began walking back to her vehicle, the largely white crowd began chanting “Black Lives Matter” repeatedly as one short, white, androgynous individual wearing glasses followed the woman to her vehicle.

Apparently unsatisfied by being run off by the mob, the woman turned around and reiterated, “I understand everybody got a purpose, but when y’all done, you’ve gotta clean up the streets.”

At this point a black man again ordered her to return to her vehicle. She eventually left the scene.

Portland has repeatedly refused federal assistance from President Trump. When the president sent limited numbers of federal authorities into the city to quell riots outside a federal courthouse, Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler bemoaned the president’s decision, claiming it made matters worse in the city.

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