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PHOTOS: BLM Mob Burned Down Black Owned Business In Rochester, New York Riots


Weekend rioting stemming from Black Lives Matter mobs in Rochester, New York resulted in a black owned business having multiple rental vehicles torched by the mob. The business owner later took to social media to plea for “peace, love, and positivity” in the future.

Early Sunday morning, local journalist Charles Molineaux began posting photos of the destruction in Rochester. “Three U-Haul trucks destroyed at J-Ribs on State Street,” wrote Molineaux. “Owner Jesse Barksdale says he was bounced out of bed to respond.”

Photos of the destruction show burning U-Haul trucks behind a sign reading “Proud to be Black Owned.”

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On Facebook, Barksdale wrote a statement and uploaded more photos of the destruction, noting that he and his business “fell victim to violence spurred by misdirected anger.”

Barksdale wrote that JRibs is a “Native Rochester owned business,” and “We certainly are not the enemy in this scenario and are deeply saddened by the violence that occurred last night.”

“In these trying times we as Rochestarians need to COME TOGETHER for our city and build each other up, not destroy one another regardless of dividing factors,” wrote Barksdale. “We hope you all can help us spread peace, love, and positivity going foreward.”

Barksdale is apparently able to continue operating his business but lost several vehicles in the riot. He offers a convenience store, U-Haul rental service, and restaurant from the location that was attacked by rioters on Saturday night.


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