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VIDEO: Anti-Trump Protester Jumps On Moving Cop Car, Falls And Smashes Face On Pavement


In a clip recorded in Sacramento, California on September 14, group of protesters are seen standing in the street, attempting to block traffic, in an apparent attempt to protest President Donald Trump’s presence in the city. When the camera suddenly pans to a police car, a man wearing a red cap is standing in front of a police car as it slowly accelerates. The man, apparently unwilling to allow the vehicle to best him, thrust his pelvis on top of the cop car, and begins to raise and lower his mid section, like a worm, in an attempt to move further onto the vehicle until the police officer suddenly accelerates, launching the man off the vehicle and onto the pavement.

Protesters scream “You can’t stop the revolution” at police officers as they attempt drive their police cars away from the protesters. Eventually, one officer resorts to using his lights and sirens to attempt to get one man to move and allow him to drive away. The officer eventually starts slowly creeping his patrol car forward, likely not using the accelerator.

In response, the protester in the red cap uses his hands to hoist himself on top of the car’s hood, then uses a maneuver similar to the 1980s dance move and WWE fighting move, The Worm, to move further onto the vehicle’s roof.

At this point, the officer begins accelerating rapidly. As a result, the protester is quickly hurled to one side of the vehicle, just as his dancing maneuver saw him make it to the vehicle’s roof.

Seconds later, the protester  is tossed off the vehicle, hitting his head roughly on the pavement as more protesters  come to gauge the severity of his injuries.

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A local news reporter posted video to Twitter showing an additional angle, and revealing that there were multiple injuries as a result of the stunt.

“Our camera was rolling when anti-Trump protestors surrounded a CHP patrol car. One person climbed on the hood and the officer drove forward. Two people were injured,” wrote Jodi Hernandez. “One was taken to hospital.”

“The crowd had gathered to protest the President as he visited Sacramento.”

The stunt was quickly mocked on social media, with MMA commentator Steve Inman adding his own comedic narration to the video within hours of it being posted to social media.

“Too much virtue signaling leads to brain damage,” wrote Inman.

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