VIDEO: New York Mom Infuriated After Schools Try to Normalize Masks, 'It's Not F***ing Normal, People!'


A mother and grandmother in New York recorded a profanity-laced video bashing her local school district after she discovered the lesson plan taught to her grandchildren seeks to, in her opinion, “normalize” the idea of children wearing masks and facial coverings.

In a video captioned, “What a disgrace,” the woman, who is only identified as Tina by her Twitter profile, accused her local school district of indoctrinating school children to believe that masks are part of the “new normal” and may never go away.

“Not only are these children forced to wear a f***ng mask, but now they actually have to do school work on it about how it’s normal,” said the woman. “It’s not f***ing normal people, wake the f**k up, cause guess what, I’m gonna start fighting against this. Who’s with me?”

The woman then offered to fight alongside other New Yorkers upset about their children’s curriculum, pledging that she is ready to push back on local governments pushing face masks on children.

“Do I have any other New York parents? Maybe some in my f***ing school district? You’s all know where I am, I’m sure you Googled me. If anyone wants to stand up against this, let me know, because I’m in. This is f***ing a disgrace, a disgrace,” she went on. “Masks are not normal.”

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“My granddaughter’s not going to be learning about masks being f***ing normal, not in my household, and it shouldn’t be taught in school either,” said Tina, before endorsing President Donald Trump. “What’s next, motherf***ers? Cause I ain’t dealing with this. Trump 2020 motherf***er, f**k out of here.”

Many parents on social media agreed with the sentiments, calling the situation “infuriating” and inviting other parents and guardians to push back on their school districts regarding new COVID-19 themed teaching materials.

“the school board needs to hear from someone like you who knows how to fight!” wrote one user.

“Count me in Tina,” wrote another. “My wife and I have returned to normal and we’re not wearing the mask.”

Another user referenced a recent lawsuit against the Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf’s lockdown orders, supposedly enacted to slow the spread of COVID-19 and keep hospital staffs from being overwhelmed by new patients. The lawsuit ultimately succeeded, with a judge saying the lockdown orders are unconstitutional.

“Like the PA  counties that sued PA Gov Wolf,” wrote the user. “People in NY need to do the same.”

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Despite mainstream media heralding New York’s handling of COVID-19, most conservative pundits agree that placing COVID-19 positive patients in nursing homes full of elderly, vulnerable populations likely lead to untold unnecessary deaths due to the virus.

Additionally, New York City was widely criticized when it was revealed that COVID-19 “contact tracers” would be required to understand “institutional and structural racism,” and would not be allowed to ask whether individuals they are “tracing” participated in the George Floyd riots.

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