VIDEO: Alex Jones Rides In Armored Vehicle, Tells People Coronavirus Is Chinese Bioweapon


Radio and television host and Infowars founder Alex Jones patrolled Austin, Texas in an armored vehicle Saturday, using a megaphone to tell people that “America will reopen” and cal the Chinese coronavirus is a “globalist Chinese Communist bioweapon.”

Jones appeared at the “You Can’t Close America” rally in InfoWars’ signature armored vehicle, and later led thousands of Texans in a chant of “Texas, Texas, Texas!”

“Texas is awake, Texas knows the truth,” Jones called out via megaphone. “Texas knows that this is a Chicom globalist bioweapon that has shut down our economy.”

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“America will reopen. Texas is leading the way,” Jones told the thousands of citizen activists gathered on Austin sidewalks.

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Jones later appeared on foot at the rally and used the bullhorn to salute “all the amazing Texans that came out here against the globalists and understand that it’s a Chinese globalist Bill Gates attack on our freedom.”

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The radio and television host led attendees in chants of “Texas, Texas, Texas!” and later, “USA, USA, USA!”

The full video can be seen below.

Jones previously appeared in the armored vehicle at the Virginia Lobby Day Rally for Second Amendment rights in January.

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Jones was also a keynote speaker at National File’s Emergency Save The First Amendment Summit in Washington D.C. on February 26.

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