EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Alex Jones Leads Virginia Gun Rally in 'USA! USA!' Chant, Drives Off in Armored Vehicle


Exclusive video footage obtained by National File shows Infowars’ Alex Jones leading massive crowds of gun rights activists in chants of “USA! USA!” at Monday’s Lobby Day rally in Richmond, Virginia.

Jones arrived at the rally in an armored vehicle and spoke into a bullhorn about gun rights and the dangers of tyranny.

Jones and Owen Schroyer livestreamed the rally and led a group of some several thousand Second Amendment Activists in chants of “USA! USA!”

Exclusive footage from National File’s Frankie Stockes can be seen below.

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Jones was mobbed by hundreds of fans as he entered the black armor vehicle that has become the staple of his in-person appearances at political events.

“Don’t thank me folks, I wanna thank you,” Jones shouted through a bullhorn. “You are the resistance to the globalists, you are victory, 1776!”

The TV and radio host then left the scene in the armored truck.

Activists were also heard chanting “Free Alex Jones” in reference to the deplatforming and unpersoning of Jones by corporate tech platforms.

Censorship has not seemed to lessen Jones’ influence, and in fact the opposite appears to have happened, as the Infowars founder received a hero’s welcome at the Virginia rally.

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