VIDEO: Alex Jones Confronts 'Snake Face' Leftist Who Flashed Obscene Gesture At Him Outside Wendy's Drive-Thru


Radio and television host Alex Jones confronted a leftist agitator who flashed an obscene gesture at Jones’ vehicle outside a Wendy’s drive-through last week, in a humorous exchange that was captured on video by Jones’ InfoWars camera crew.

Jones had originally intended to visit the offices of the Electric Reliability Council of Texas in Austin to confront officials over statewide power outages amidst record low temperatures, but found the building deserted, with no employees present or working on fixing the power crisis.

The radio and television host then took to the streets in InfoWars’ trademark light armored vehicle, warning citizens about the dangers of the World Economic Forum’s”Great Reset,” as well as Covid lockdowns.

Jones’ message appeared to receive an overwhelmingly positive response, with many motorists rolling down their windows to thank Jones and shake his hand. One observer located in a long line outside a Wendy’s drive-through, however, chose to lean out of his driver-side window and aim his phone camera the the InfoWars vehicle, accompanied by a hand flashing an obscene gesture.

After circling the block, Jones approached the agitator’s vehicle on foot and confronted him at the passenger side window.

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When confronted by Jones, the motorist appeared to lose his air of bravado, choosing to silently sit in his seat while continuing to point his phone camera at the InfoWars crew.

“Hey, we’re here,” Jones said. “Are you able to talk other than your one IQ point? … So, here I am, you’re the big man, jumping out of your car. Oh, you’re a big man.”

“Get his little snake face,” Jones, said, asking the camera crew to get a better angle of the now-sullen antagonist. “Look at this guy’s snake face. Wannabe intellectual, total loser, and he sits there and acts tough and flips people off. So here I am, big guy.”

The man appeared unable to engage in a political discussion with Jones, and eventually opted to roll up his window and peel away from the curb.

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