VIDEO: After Promising to 'Circle Back', Press Sec Psaki Fumbles Through Papers For 30 Seconds, Still Has No Answer


The Biden administration’s Press Secretary, Jen Psaki, went viral last week after repeatedly being dumbfounded by questions from reporters, and promising to “circle back” when she has more information. When she attempted to “circle back” with one reporter, after claiming she had the necessary information to answer the question, she wound up shuffling papers for nearly 30 seconds before admitting, again, that she did not have the ability to answer the reporter.

After previously promising to “circle back,” Psaki spent nearly 30 seconds shuffling through papers in an attempt to find the answer, in a scene reminiscent of a high school student who did not adequately prepare for a presentation.

“Um, I did ask our team about this, you or someone else may have asked about this the other day,” said Psaki, as she began flipping through the papers in front of her.

Clearing her throat while still shuffling papers, Psaki said, “Thanksfor your patience, lots to say today about COVID, no doubt about it. Um, so, hmm. Let’s see.”

She kept shuffling, before eventually admitting defeat. “Let me, let me, let me um, talk about our team about it.”

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Psaki was roundly mocked by conservatives for promising to “circle back” with reporters a massive 15 times in only a few days on the job.

Psaki recently came under fire when she said Americans should not be surprised about Citadel, the company with deep financial ties to the Robinhood stock trading platform, paid the Biden administration’s Secretary of Treasury, Janet Yellen, nearly $1 million to speak at an event.

As National File reported, “Psaki appeared to fumble around her words in her response, referring to an SEC statement from Wednesday before stating, ‘I don’t think I have anything for for you on it, other than to say, separate from the Gamestop issue, the secretary of treasury is one of the world-renowned experts on markets, on the economy, it shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone she was paid to giver her perspective and advice before she came into office.'”

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