Daytime TV's 'Judge Joe Brown' Becomes One Of Biden's Biggest Twitter Critics


Judge Joe Brown, who hosted a popular daytime TV court program for years, has become a leading African American voice of criticism of Joe Biden’s administration.

Quoting Biden’s tweet that suggested “transgender equality is the civil rights issue of our time,” Brown added, “be careful what you wish for”

“Emotionalism, ignorance & rank stupidity got you what you asked for,” wrote Brown. “Now see if you like it.”

In another tweet about the same statement from Biden, Brown added that BLM protests and racial division in the United States, which he suggests was stoked by Democrats, “wasn’t about Black Folk,” and was instead “a smokescreen for Queers & Queens.”

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In a third tweet about Biden’s endorsement of transgender civil rights, Brown wrote “In this day & time, Mr. Biden deems drag queens & queers (his specific term used in his Ex Orders) the outstanding & most important civil rights issue???”

“This is certainly consistent with his long term status as a self-avowed segregationist & racist,” added Brown.

Expanding on Biden’s use of the word “queer” in his executive orders aimed at allowing biological males to play women’s sports, Brown wrote “Biden himself calls gays queer in his recent executive orders. Now that the ‘selected’ holder of the office of POTUS uses queer, there can be no objection by social media platforms to the use of queer.”

“This last election cycle wasn’t Biden vs. Trump,” Brown added. “It was QUEER vs NORM.”

Discussing Biden’s order to allow biological men to compete in female sports, Brown wrote, “What happened to the equality in sports that women struggled so hard for?”

“Ain’t quite fair for women to have to compete against drag queens,” wrote Brown. “Especially NOT in full contact stuff”. He added, “That’s dangerous & life threatening… I guess you ladies got dissed.”

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Brown also slammed Biden and Kamala Harris for rejoining the Paris Climate Accords, even though the agreement allows China and other countries to pollute with impunity as the United States limits its economic growth in an alleged pursuit of saving the environment.

“How about a bit of ho/jo hive pressure to get China & Russia to immediately comply with the Parris Accords instead of getting a pass until 2030?” Brown added, “What with 11-25 mil illegals now legally to be in the job market & more on the way there’s this thing about jobs being in short supply.”

Brown also lambasted the mainstream media after The Washington Post announced it would edit its biographical articles, effectively rewriting history, to be more kind to both Biden and Harris after their inauguration.

“Collusion with the press,” wrote Brown. “You don’t get facts these days from MSM, you get propaganda.”

Brown, who is currently 73, was the first African American prosecutor in Memphis, Tennessee. His daytime TV court program, Judge Joe Brown, ran from 1998 to 2013.

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