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UK: Accused Iranian Rapist Fled Country While Court Looked For Interpreter


Britain finds itself in all sorts of strange predicaments–especially when it comes to keeping law and order.

From virtue signaling police to atrocious double standards in tackling crime, Britain never ceases to amaze.

An Iranian man who is accused to have raped a woman in her 20s last year is thought to have fled the country–while the court was looking for an interpreter.

The man revealed as Hulwest Muradi, 24, is on the run after allegedly raping a woman in Colchester, Essex last November.

According to Metro:

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He was granted bail on July 31 with a curfew order imposed by magistrates in the town but Ipswich Crown Court heard he had vanished.

He was arrested in the back of an Amazon van in Kent trying to evade justice.

He was taken to Medway Magistrates’ Court in Chatham on August 2 for breaching bail but when the court heard an interpreter could not be found he was bailed.

Prosecutor Jane Oldfield said: ‘They took the view that as they couldn’t find an interpreter they couldn’t deal with the breach of bail.’

A judge criticized the release of Muradi as “utterly extraordinary” given the circumstances.

The authorities still cannot fully ascertain Muradi’s whereabouts, as he had ties to other parts of England & Wales.

This comes as the United Kingdom undergoes a spate of violent crime, even after banning both guns and knives. Yesterday a video surfaced showing a horrifying knife attack in public.

National File reported:

In the disturbing video, which was posted to Twitter Tuesday morning, a deranged man brandishing a large kitchen knife can be seen chasing another man, whose shirt is soaked in blood, into the middle of a busy two-lane street.

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The second man collapses in the middle of the road, and his attacker stabs down repeatedly as multiple passersby attempt to restrain him.

Multiple people can be heard shouting in a foreign language as the chaos, while another voice, possibly the victim’s, can be heard repeatedly yelling, “Please no, please stop, please, call police, please no.”

The deranged aichmomaniac then bursts free from the clutches of the Good Samaritans to get in another stab at the kidney region of his victim, who screams and goes limp against the curb.

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