STATE CENSORS: Tony Blair Institute Demands New Law to Stop 'Intolerant' Groups


The Tony Blair Institute, a think tank run by the former Labour Prime Minister, has published a report that demands Britain clamp down on right wing groups that are “intolerant” i.e. those who criticise Islam and mass migration.

The report from the Tony Blair Institute attempts to link “far right” groups to the mass murderer Anders Breivik, who killed 77 people and injured 319 in 2 attacks in 2011, saying that they share core beliefs on Islam, like thinking that “Islamic scriptures promote violent jihad and terrorism [and] claiming that Muslim immigration to Western countries is paving the way for implementing Sharia and Islamic laws, and ‘Islamifying’ Europe.”

They draw similar links around the concept of “victimisation”, arguing that these groups are:

  • “Accusing authorities and media of covering up crimes committed by Muslims and immigrants”
  • “Claiming that freedom of expression is under threat and that anyone who opposes political correctness is branded a racist and denied a voice”
  • “Denigrating feminists for supporting Islam”

The Tony Blair Institute makes it clear that even though the 4 groups they specifically mention, the BNP, Generation Identity England, For Britain, and Britain First, absolutely disavow any form of violence, they must still be targeted for believing similar things that Breivik did.

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They recommend creating a new legal designation of “hate groups”, which they define as a group that is:

  • “Spreading intolerance and antipathy towards people of a different race, religion, gender or nationality, specifically because of these characteristics”
  • “Aligning with extremist ideologies as per our table… though not inciting violence”
  • “Committing hate crimes or inspiring others to do so via hate speech”
  • “Disproportionately blaming specific groups (based on religion, race, gender or nationality) for broader societal issues”

They then say these groups should be stopped from appearing in the media, and that people could be charged with civil offences for being involved with them.

We at the National File are calling out this report for what it is – blatant censorship of organisations the elite find distasteful.

While National File obviously does not ideologically agree with the organisations singled out by Blair, they deserve the right to express their ideas and, when necessary, have their ideas destroyed in the sunlight.

However, the globalists at the Tony Blair Institute are trying to shut down any reasonable discussion of the problems with mass migration and Islam. Even by saying that they are doing this is grounds for being classified as a hate group.

They are attempting to ban the truth – is it not true that the British authorities knew about the mass rape gangs run by Pakistani men that ruined the lives of thousands of white girls for decades? Is it not true that Islamic scripture demands the death of apostates and the conquering of infidels? Is it not true that feminists are idiots for aligning with an ideology that forces women to cover up their faces?

If you agree with these factual statements, then, according to Blair, you are a danger to society.

The majority of the British population are concerned with the threat that Islam and political correctness poses, and the elites know this.

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This is why they are not concerned with the radical left, despite arguably containing more violent and thuggish elements than the right, because otherwise they would have to ban themselves for agreeing with antifa ideologically most of the time.

We must fight back against this threat to free speech and fast.

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