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Twitch Suspends President Trump's Account, Cites 'Hateful Conduct'


Twitch, the popular video streaming platform, has temporarily banned President Donald Trump’s account, citing hate speech posted to the account.

Twitch has banned the account of President Trump, citing its rules against “hateful conduct,” and claiming the president uploaded video of him engaging in such conduct doing a 2016 campaign rally.

According to a statement released by Twitch, the offending material was campaign video of one of President Trump’s rallies in which he discussed illegal immigration from Mexico and Central America, calling a subsection of illegal immigrants “criminals” and “rapists.”

A second video was also found to be “hateful,” a more recent clip from President Trump’s rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma, featuring the president refer to a “rough hombre.”

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This latest move comes soon after President Trump signed an executive order targeting the immunity given to big tech companies from lawsuits under Section 230 of the Communication Decency Act. Losing this protection would allow social media platforms to be sued for libel.

President Trump did so citing vast censorship of conservatives and conservative speech across social media, which takes the form of outright bans, shadow bans, “deboosting,” and other forms of punishment.

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Project Veritas recently exposed Facebook insiders admitting to this behavior as part of an undercover investigation into the big tech companies.

President Trump signed the executive order after Twitter fact checked one of his tweets. The social media company would go on to fact check a second tweet, and later delete it entirely, claiming it violated their hate speech rules.

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