Twitch Appoints ADL-Backed 'Safety Advisor' Who Called Gamers White Supremacists, Wants to Ban Voice Chat


Streaming giant Twitch made the bizarre decision to create a “Safety Advisory Council” this week, and amongst the newly appointed members is a transgender otherkin “deer-girl” named Steph Loehr, who goes by Ferociously Steph on Twitch.

Loehr has a history of making false statements and propagating inflammatory opinions about gaming, including the statement, “I think a lot of you gamers are white supremacists, just a fact, of how I feel.”


Self-described “Adorably ferocious trans deer-girl (she/her)” Loehr has a relatively small follower count on Twitch, raising questions about the platform’s reasoning for Loehr’s appointment to the “Safety Advisory Council.”

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Loehr claims to “prance around in my backyard” and “eat grass” because “it makes me feel in tune with my deer self.”

Loehr later gloated about the newfound power granted by Twitch on a livestream: “I’m not going anywhere, I have power, they’re not going to take it away from me, there, there, these, there are some people who should be afraid of me, and they are, because I represent moderation and diversity and I’m, um, I’m gonna come for harmful people.”

Multiplayer voice chat is another form of “misogynist” bigotry that should be erased according to Loehr.

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This writer has the commensurate background in online competitive shooters to confirm that voice chat is indeed “critical” in those games, and not just to “cis-white-males.” This writer has achieved great success in competitive games using voice chat with non-“cis-white-male” teammates.

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Perhaps the most disturbing part of Twitch’s decision to appoint Loehr as a “safety advisor” is the fact that Loehr has ties to the Anti-Defamation League, an extreme-left organization that supports deplatforming and political censorship.

Intrepid reporting from The Ralph Retort traced back Loehr’s association with the ADL several years, dating back to 2018:

Thanks to the work of Killstream guest Sophia Narwitz, we can go back a take a look at the tale of the tape. Here’s ADL flack Daniel Kelley celebrating FerociouslySteph’s ascension to the Twitch censorship council (archive), which makes sense, given what we know…

But the promotion actually goes back almost two years. This isn’t something that just happened out of the blue. The ADL has been working overtime to get its hooks into gaming. Too much money and influence on the table for them to ignore!


Twitch users were none too pleased with the tech giant’s decision to place Loehr in a position of power, with some calling Loehr Twitch’s new “Deer Leader.”

This story is still developing, and National File will continue to cover the issue as it relates to anti-gamer discrimination and ethics in the Big Tech sector.

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