Tucker's Message To Corrupt Politicians: If Your Nation Knows 'You Secretly Have Contempt for Them, They Will Never Forgive You'


During a speech in Hungary given over the weekend, Fox News television host Tucker Carlson drew comparisons between the role of parents and the role of government, stressing that if U.S. parents treated their children the way that U.S. politicians treat their constituents, they would “universally” be labeled as unfit parents.

“If you treated your children the way our leaders treat us, you would be declared universally an unfit parent,” Carlson said. “Really, you encourage your kids to do drugs, ’cause you might make money off it? Really? Is it good for the kid? ‘Shut up!’ Really, your schools are terrible, like you refuse to teach your kids basic English or math or history, and you don’t care? You’re not not sending your kids to school, they’re truants?”

Carlson continued, “You’re a bad parent. You’re letting your kid live outside ans soil himself and refuse to treat his mental illness? You treat drug addiction like virtue? You encourage, like, the most degrading kinds of sexual behavior? Are you joking? We’re going to take your kid away, you’re a terrible parent. There are differences between parenthood and political leadership, of course – there are greater limits on political leadership, thank God. But the theme is the same. The most basic prerequisite to leading people is caring about those people, that’s the most basic prerequisite.”

The bestselling Ship of Fools author went on to state that he believes children will forgive their parents’ mistakes if the know their parents love them, while noting that the inverse is true for both parenting and political leadership: “If the people you lead know that you secretly have contempt for them, they will never forgive you and they never should.”

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Carlson’s recent trip to Hungary has raised alarm among left-wing activists, who were quick to point to the European nation’s lower crime rates and opposition to dishonest Western journalism as signifiers of evil and systemic racism.

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