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BREAKING: Wendy Rogers' Petition To Decertify Arizona Election Reaches 100K Signatures, Gathering Unstoppable Momentum


The petition to decertify the Arizona election started by State Sen. Wendy Rogers (R-AZ) has reached over 100,000 signatures, as the movement to secure election integrity within the state continues to gather momentum. Roger’s website had been driven offline by high traffic demand for the petition on last week, but has since been restored.

“We have 107,918 signatures now,” Rogers posted to Twitter on Monday. “Over 10% there. I want to have 1 million signatures to show support for decertification. Please share this and also send to everyone you know.”

As Media Right News reported on Sunday, Rogers’ website had originally gone down from traffic overload, but came back on line after hosting servers were upgraded. “My decertify petition is back up! We upgraded servers & it took a while for the IP address to update,” Rogers announced. “Keep checking back if still having issues. We are up to 36,302 signatures – let’s get it to 1 million! I will report the number during my TV interviews.”

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Rogers has been at the forefront of the grassroots effort to secure election integrity in Arizona. The state senator recently called for the arrest of Maricopa County officials who have refused to comply with lawful subpoenas from the Arizona Senate that required election routers to be turned over to auditors:

State Senator Wendy Rogers, a long-time ally of President Trump, and one of the loudest voices in favour of the forensic audit, was not at all pleased by the refusal from Maricopa County and Dominion to engage with the subpoenas. “I would have arrested all of these people already if I had the power to do so,” Rogers tweeted. “I vote to arrest. Arrest and put them in solitary,” she continued, further wondering if there were enough “solitary confinement cells available in Arizona” for all of them. “We are going to need the lot.”

Despite the efforts of corporate media to stifle conversation around the Maricopa County audit, Rogers’ petition to decertify the election is contuing to gain steam.

Decertify the Election Petition

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