Transgender Migrants in Mexico Arrive at US Border, Demand Entry Into America


According to a report, dozens of transgender migrants fleeing their homelands in Central America have shacked up at a transgender migrant shelter south of the US-Mexico border.

The report revealed by KXAN, an NBC affiliate, exposed the mistreatment suffered by transgender migrants fleeing their countries, seeking a better life across the border.

The Central American countries, dubbed “old-fashioned” by the escapees, have seen hundreds of trans migrants, in total, escape to the trans-exclusive migrant center “Respettrans”–a portmanteau of “respect” and “transgender.”

A trans migrant, who was identified as Tania Rivera, told KXAN that she was part of a group of 19 traveling from Central America, while a group of 17 coming from Southern Mexico were expected to arrive at the shelter before attempting to gain access to the USA.

Rivera said:

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 “El Salvador is a very old-fashioned country. Trans girls are not accepted. We are rejected, we are discriminated and some of us are murdered.

“I want to live in a place where I don’t feel threatened while going to work or going out for a walk. I want to live in a place where the law is on my side, not against me.”

Grecia Herrera, who is the director for the only trans shelter in Ciudad Juarez, signaled that 40 transgender guests are currently staying at the facility.

As another batch of guests is expected to appear, fleeing unwelcoming attitudes back at home, Herrera said: “It is a big group and we want to make sure they are safe and well cared for. If they need a doctor, we’ll get them to a doctor. If they need psychological help or legal advice, we’ll get them to the right people.”

Herrera’s shelter has gained international fame and recognition.

Many transgender migrants reportedly suffered extensively at other Mexican border towns such as Tijuana and Nuevo Laredo, which has prompted them to seek refuge at the Juarez shelter.

Some migrants risk life an limb attempting to reach Mexico given the scale of their persecution in their home countries.

Since the spike in international migration trends, Mexico has hardened its defense of its Southern Border with Guatemala, making crossing into Mexico more challenging and dangerous.

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