Man Raped 3 Children, Released on Bail TWICE by Same Judge in a Week


A man accused of raping three underage girls in a week was granted bail twice by the same judge before he fled, it has been revealed.

Raymond Hernandez, 29, from New Mexico, is alleged to have raped a 13-year-old girl–who was his girlfriend’s daughter – and beaten her friend before being taken into custody on January 15.

It was alleged that he plied his girlfriend’s daughter and her friend with alcohol before carrying out the assault, according to KOB4.

Judge Ernest Ortega granted Hernandez bail after posting the required $10,000.

Hernandez, wearing an ankle tag, later went onto molest a 19-month old toddler in the very same house as the 13-year-old girl he was initially accused of raping, according to Fox News.

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When Hernandez was taken back into custody by police two days later, Judge Ortega doubled his bail to $20,000, which he later posted.

Hernandez went onto allegedly rape a 5-year-old girl who lived next door to his family’s home. It is also alleged that Hernandez has sexually abused his 13-year-old daughter.

After assaulting the 5-year-old neighbor, Hernandez caused a statewide manhunt before being finally arrested in Colorado after crossing state lines.

Neighbor, Gloria Lucero, said: “I’m speechless, he needs to pay and I hope the judge puts him behind bars and keep him there.”

The District Attorney wants to secure an indictment as soon as possible before the suspect is presented in front of a judge.

National File recently reported on a teenage which a long list of priors allegedly raping a woman while out on bond before a judge granted him bond again after writing a letter convincing the judge that he wishes to focus on his studies and employment.

Via National File:

A 17-year-old, who has been already arrested a dozen times, allegedly raped a woman while released from jail on bond, but had his bond reinstated by a judge in November of 2019.
D’Shawn Garrison who is in Fulton County Jail awaiting a rape charge case, in spite of a lengthy police record, had his bond reinstated by Judge Rachel Krause.

Garrison’s bond was set at $50,000, but his accuser says that the fact that he was granted bail makes her feel victimized again.

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The victim, a mother of two, was out jogging when she says she was attacked by Garrison in broad daylight in May of last year.

At the time of the assault Garrison was out on bond for a theft case.

Bail reform continues to be a polarizing issue as increasingly violent criminals are released back onto the streets.

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