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BREAKING: TikTok Disables Kyle Rittenhouse's Account, Changes Name So It Can't Be Searched

Social media platform TikTok has disabled the account belonging to Kyle Rittenhouse, shortly after Rittenhouse made an appearance at Turning Point USA’s Americafest. TikTok also apparently changed the name of […]

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TikTok Bans Black Author Who Went Viral After Telling Biden 'You Ain't My Pimp, N***a' In Video Response To Vaccine Mandate

“I am a Black Female who is a lesbian… I’m the main person who is supposed to be protected from the big-bad-racist system, right?” McGlover added, “Why am I being censored?”

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BOMBSHELL: Leftists Infiltrated 1/6 Protests Disguised As Pro-Trump Reporters While Working With Democrat News Outlets

A bombshell report has confirmed that leftist activists infiltrated the Capitol Hill protests on January 6th disguised as conservative reporters
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