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Bannon: Graham's Senate Judicary Must Subpoena Brennan, Schiff

“Let’s get the whistleblower, let’s get the second whistleblower, let’s get Brennan up there, let’s get Adam Schiff as a fact witness, let’s get everyone up there. The Republicans in the Senate owe it to this country.  Lindsey Graham has to start it in the Judiciary,” Bannon, former White House Chief Strategist for the Trump administration, said. 

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VIDEO: Bannon Says Goldman Sachs, Wall Street Are Investor Relations Depart. for CCP

Bannon told Frontline that the cause of the chaos in the early days of the transition was due to a divide between people who supported the Chinese totalitarian financial system and himself who wanted to change the very same system, which he said America had grown dependent upon, and which the Democrats were running on for 2020.

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