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270 Doctors Sign Letter Demanding Spotify Censor Joe Rogan For 'COVID Missinformation'

More than 200 doctors and scientists have signed a petition demanding Spotify to take action against “COVID misinformation” on its platform. The petition directly mentions its most popular podcast, the […]

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Joey Diaz Mocks Rogan Spotify Deal: 'When You Cash That Big Check, You Gotta Watch What You Say'

“Once you take that Spotify money, you gotta start apologizing, making believe you care about tr**nies and stuff, now he’s gotta go to a tr**ny parade, donate ten dollars every month”

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Alex Jones: Spotify is NOT Censoring Joe Rogan

Alex Jones has debunked internet rumours that Spotify has been censoring Joe Rogan's podcast, confirming that Rogan is "the captain of his own ship."
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