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Nigeria Permanently Bans Twitter After Censorship of Nigerian President's Tweet

The West African nation of Nigeria has banned Twitter following Twitter’s censorship of a tweet by President Muhammadu Buhari. In an act of censorship, Twitter deleted a tweet where Buhari […]

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India Threatens To Jail Twitter Employees For 7 Years After Alleged Interference In Country's Politics

India has threatened to jail Twitter employees for up to 7 years after the social media platform’s algorithm promoted violent protests throughout the country. The threat to fine or jail […]

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After Dumping $70 Million Into 2020 Election, Soros Drops Final $1 Million To Save Democrats Before Nov 3

Progressive billionaire George Soros is dumping millions into the 2020 General Election cycle at the eleventh hour in a desperate move to court Black and Hispanic voters who in recent […]

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