PHOTOS: Crenshaw Publicly Calls Pro-Trump Critics 'Democrats,' Privately Sucks Up To Moms Demand Action

Crenshaw is one of the most flagrantly liberal Republicans to ever hold a House seat, but masquerades as a hardline internal affairs agent who roots out hidden Democrats in pro-Trump circles

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EXCLUSIVE: College Republican National Treasurer Suggests Trump Is Racist, "Mentally Ill"

The Treasurer of the College Republican National Committee (CRNC), Ty Seymour, has gone on yet another anti-Trump tirade on Twitter, suggesting that the President is  “mentally ill” and racist. Seymour […]

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Official Maryland Young Republicans Twitter Account Likes Tweet Comparing Trump To Dysentery

The official Maryland Young Republicans Twitter account went on an anti-Trump spree Wednesday, liking numerous tweets that were critical of the President. The account liked a series of tweets that […]

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