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'Twitter Purges Gab Surges': Right Wing Twitter Accounts Purged Under New CEO Flood Alt Tech With New Users

Thousands of users have been banned from Twitter, following the new CEO's appointment, with free speech site Gab reporting a surge in sign-ups
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Matt Gaetz Mocks Democrats for Censuring Gosar Over Anime Meme: 'Next Week We Might be Indicting Wile E. Coyote'

Matt Gaetz mocked Democrats for the censuring of Paul Gosar over an anime meme video, suggesting they might next indicte Wile E. Coyote for cartoon violence
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EXCLUSIVE: Watch Paul Gosar's Forbidden Meme Video That Has Establishment Republicans And AOC Furious

Rep Paul Gosar has been attacked by both Democrats and establishment Republicans for a now-deleted anime meme video which National File has acquired.
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Democrats Veto Rep. Paul Gosar's Plan To Give $10,000 Stimulus Checks To Americans

Prior to passing their massive $1.9 trillion stimulus package early Saturday, House Democrats moved to swiftly veto Republican Rep. Paul Gosar’s (R-AZ) amendment to increase the stimulus check amount from […]

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