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Dark Winter: Pennsylvania Energy Prices Will Spike Up To 50% This December

Electricity prices are set to rise upwards of 50% in some areas of Pennsylvania as winter looms. Starting on December 1, eight Pennsylvania electric utilities are set to raise prices. […]

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BLATANT LIE: Biden Administration Says Coal, Natural Gas Caused Texas Blackouts, Not Frozen Wind Turbines

“There have been some inaccurate accusations out there,” said Psaki, “That it was, the uh, that suggested, that, uh, renewables caused the failures, in, uh, Texas’s power grid.”

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Mexico Blames United States As Millions Face Blackouts From Frozen Turbines, 'We Must Seek To Be Self-Sufficient'

After US natural gas imports to Mexico were brought to a halt due to a massive winter storm, the nation reported that 4.77 million businesses and homes were left without power.
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