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AOC, Progressives Pursue ‘Truth & Reconciliation Commission’ For Trump Supporters

At the genesis of every historical instance of oppression and totalitarianism there was the want to make a list of those who “didn’t fit in.” And while these lists are […]

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VIDEO: Kamala Harris Talks About the 'Beauty of Marxism' Just Days Before the Election

Just two days before the 2020 General Election, Democrat vice presidential candidate Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA), posted a campaign video that explained the difference between “equity” and “equality” and setting […]

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BOMBSHELL: Antifa Is Structured Like 'Islamic Terror Cell' - National Police Association

Antifa, the organization that Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden said was more an “idea” than anything else, has a structure that resembles that of a sophisticated Islamofascist terror cell one […]

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