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BREAKING: DeSantis Orders Florida Secretary Of State To Investigate Facebook For Violating Election Laws

“Floridians deserve to have faith that their elections are free from Big Tech interference, and corporations like Facebook deserve to be held accountable for actions that erode the legitimacy of our institutions”

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Florida Ag Commissioner, Enemy Of DeSantis, Suspends Conceal Carry Permits Of 22 Citizens After NRA Made It Possible

Fried holds power over Florida citizens’ Second Amendment rights solely because of a Division of Licensing transfer the NRA successfully lobbied for in 2002

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DeSantis Says Fauci Should Be 'Fully Investigated' For Role In Gain-Of-Function Funding, Mishandling Of Pandemic

“I do think his role with this ‘gain of function’ research is something that absolutely needs to be fully investigated and vetted, and what U.S. money that he or any of his colleagues may have sent over to this Wuhan lab”

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FLORIDA: DeSantis Signs Tough Election Integrity Bill, Bans Mainstream Media from Signing Ceremony

Florida Governor DeSantis has signed a tough election integrity reform bill, which includes provisions to enforce voter ID and stop mass mailing of ballots
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