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Robocalls Meant to Suppress Republican Voter Turnout Probed by FBI

Robocalls that warn of an elevated risk of contracting the coronavirus and reporting very long lines at polling places have gone out to millions of voters apparently in an effort […]

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Trump, Biden Campaigns Prepare For Lengthy Legal Battles Following Potential Mail-In Vote Disaster

In a move that may rival the debacle that came in the aftermath of the 2000 General Election, both the Trump campaign and the Biden campaign are geared up to […]

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USPS 'Loses' Unknown Number Of Pennsylvania Mail-In Ballots

The Elections Director of Butler County, Pennsylvania has claimed that the United States Postal Service lost an unknown number of mail-in ballots in the county. Butler County Bureau of Elections […]

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Pennsylvania Election Official: 'We Will End The GOP Permanently'

An election official in Pennsylvania has stated that she plans to “end the GOP permanently” and has urged Democrats to be “ruthless” in ensuring victory for the left. Wendy Leigh, […]

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