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SUSPICIOUS: Biden Underperformed Hillary Clinton Nationwide, Except In Four Cities

The lawsuits are flying in states like Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin over a plethora of anomalies where ballots, vote counting, voting systems, and voter-turn out are concerned. But one pollster […]

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WATCH: Former MI State Senator Says Detroit Tabulation Machines Were Illegally Connected to the Web

With lawsuits pending charging multiple instances of voter fraud in the State of Michigan, now an eyewitness has come forward saying the vote tabulation machines in Detroit’s absentee-vote counting center […]

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FRAUD: Michigan Knowingly Issued Ballots For Dead People, Including 118 Year Old Born In 1902

Before the State of Michigan briefly terminated access to this info online it was reported that seven people older than the oldest living human being are on Michigan’s voter rolls

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