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EXCLUSIVE: Former Trump NSC Member Says DNC, Biden Campaign, 'Hostile Foreign Intelligence' Committed 'Coup' On November 3

Rich Higgins, a Trump loyalist and former NSC member, has said that the election was a coup enacted by the DNC, communists, and hostile foreign intelligence
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DNI Ratcliffe Delays Foreign Election Interference Report Amid SolarWinds Hacking Incident, Paving Way For Use Of Trump's 2018 EO

"CISA took immediate action and issued an Emergency Directive instructing federal civilian agencies to immediately disconnect or power down affected SolarWinds Orion products from their network."
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Trump Signs Executive Order Making It Easier To Fire Deep State Federal Workers

In a move that could very well threaten the careerists of the Deep State, President Trump on Friday signed an executive order that makes it easier to both hire and […]

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