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Virginia: Parents Sue School District to Stop Critical Race Theory 'Indoctrination' of Their Kids

A group of parents and students in Albemarle County, Virginia are suing their local public school district over an “anti-racism” lesson policy that they say is pushing critical race theory […]

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VIDEO: Arizona Senate Candidate Blake Masters Slams Critical Race Theory As 'Anti-White Racism'

Arizona Senate candidate Blake Masters called Critical Race Theory-based curriculum “anti-white racism” while speaking at an event in Phoenix. Masters actually made the remark at a May 25 “America’s Comeback […]

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'Queer That Class': Middle School Teacher Presents Curriculum To Teach Preteens About Pronouns, Queer Theory, Critical Theory

A Colorado middle school teacher explains how to “Queer That Class” by teaching Critical Theory and Queer Theory to 12-year-old 6th graders.

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