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Coca-Cola Chief Lawyer Who Demanded Race Quotas for Attorneys Resigns, Gets Rehired for $666,666 per Month

Coca-Cola's chief attorney, responsible for a plan to demand race quotas in outside counsel, resigned and was rehired by the CEO on a $666K per month salary
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GEORGIA: House Republicans Vote to Revoke Delta Airlines Tax Break after They Call Election Integrity Racist

Georgia House Republicans voted to strip Delta of a fuel tax break, following a memo from their CEO slamming the state's election integrity effort as racist
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REVEALED: Big Think, A Koch-Funded Company, Is Behind Racist 'Be Less White' LinkedIn Training Offered By Coca Cola

The company behind the racist "be less white" training on LinkedIn is Big Think, a multimedia platform designed to be "YouTube for Intellectuals"
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LinkedIn Removes Racist "Be Less White" Course

LinkedIn has removed the racist "be less white" course featuring "anti-racist" Robin DiAngelo from its LinkedIn Learning platform after public backlash.
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