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Matt Gaetz Mocks Democrats for Censuring Gosar Over Anime Meme: 'Next Week We Might be Indicting Wile E. Coyote'

Matt Gaetz mocked Democrats for the censuring of Paul Gosar over an anime meme video, suggesting they might next indicte Wile E. Coyote for cartoon violence
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TURLEY: Using 14th Amendment ‘Could Set Dangerous Precedent of Barring Opponents from Office’

As the more zealous Democrats in the US Senate prepare for the second impeachment trial of President Donald Trump, who is no longer in office, Constitutional scholar Jonathan Turley warns […]

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WEAK LEADERSHIP: Mitch McConnell Censured By Kentucky GOP For Betraying Trump, Siding With Schumer

The now-Senate Minority Leader is being held accountable for abandoning his Republican brethren and siding with Democrats and Progressives in his condemnation of Trump

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