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ERASING HISTORY: Georgia Democrats Push to Expunge the Confederate Side of the US Civil War

A group of Democrat state lawmakers in Georgia are seeking the destruction of one of the most iconic symbols of the Confederacy as they attempt to move legislation to expunge […]

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FOX NEWS: Wife of Network's Heir Calls Trump a Dictator, Wrote 'We Did It' After Media Declared Biden Winner

If you think that FoX News has taken a kneejerk turn to the ideological Left you are not alone. In the aftermath of FoX’s Decision Desk to call Arizona for […]

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VIDEO: BLM Activists Demand White People to 'Give Up' Their Homes, Property

Black Lives Matter protesters in Seattle marched through a predominantly white neighborhood demanding residents to “give up” their homes and property. Appearing in a video clip on Twitter that amassed […]

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