Rioter in 'Joker' Mask Charged for Setting Cop Car on Fire


An Illinois man is facing federal arson charges after investigators believe the man–who wore a ‘Joker’ mask–to be responsible behind setting the squad car ablaze.

WGN9 reports that Timothy O’Donnell was wearing a clown mask when a Chicago Police Department cruiser was set on fire on North State Street on Saturday during the George Eliot riots that gripped many major U.S. cities.

Investigators revealed that they were able to identify O’Donnell as the arsonist due to a distinctly unique neck tattoo that reads, “pretty.”

He was arrested Tuesday at his Pilsen apartment. His criminal complaint includes O’Donnell’s admission that he was the man behind the mask.

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The Joker from the Batman comics and movies is a hell-raising troublemaker who thrives off chaos. In the instant classic Joker movie–which caused an uproar among left-wing publications, comparing the protagonist to disaffected white men and the so-called “incel” phenomenon–the Joker, played by Joaquin Phoenix, ignites a violent riot in the final scene.

Some even went as far to say that the current riots might inspire Joker-esque characters to commit riotous acts of violence, emulating the fictional villain.

Despite the severity of O’Donnell’s crime, the recent George Floyd riots across the country have given rise to some humorous faux pas’ by some of the protesters.

One Molotov-cocktail-wielding attempted arsonist in Fayetteville, NC, was not so lucky.

Via National File:

A man in Fayetteville, North Carolina, attempted to burn down a building by throwing a lighted Molotov cocktail–backfiring tremendously.

As he attempted to pick up the makeshift petrol bomb, fiery accelerant leaked from the container and landing on his back, causing him to catch fire immediately.

In his desperation, he ran down a flight of stairs to put the flames out and several fellow protesters came to his aid.

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Sadly, the rioting has also led to wanton destruction, loss of life, and is expected to cost tens of millions of dollars in damages.

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