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REVENGE OF THE BUGS: Massive Cicada Attacks Biden On Tarmac Before G7 Summit


A visibly impressive cicada attacked Joe Biden on the tarmac this morning as he prepared to leave the country to attend the G7 summit, with Biden repeatedly swatting at his neck until the bug flew away from him and toward the press pool of reporters.

As Biden spoke to those nearby the plane, he began swatting at his neck. Biden then turned to the side, only to have the cicada return for a second swipe on the 46th president. Biden then began gesturing toward the crowd of reporters, and warned them “Watch out for the cicadas,” as he approached. “Watch out for the cicadas, I just got one, just got me,” he then told reporters.

Perhaps fatigued from his encounter with a member of Brood X, Biden then proceeded to stutter and halt his speech as he answered a reporter who asked him his goals for the G7 summit. “Strengthening the alliance, making clear to Putin, and to uh, China, that Europe and the United States are tight, and G7 is gonna move.” When asked about vaccines, he claimed that he has a vaccine strategy for the world. He later jogged three steps back toward the scene of his encounter with the cicada.

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Multiple left wing outlets have repeatedly pushed the idea of eating bugs as a renewable food source, and with the emergence of Brood X – an exceptionally large generation of cicadas surfacing now to mate – many outlets have suggested eating the large bugs. As National File previously reported, “The mainstream corporate media has been horrifyingly pitching the idea of ‘snacking’ on cicadas as the globalists try to prepare the human people for food and other supply shortages. A Maryland television ‘news’ lady reported on some ‘hotspots for cicadas’ in the Baltimore area. She then talked about how cicadas might give you food allergies if you’re allergic to seafood, because cicadas are supposedly related to ‘shrimp and lobsters.'”

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