'Rona Madness

REPORT: Nurse Threatens to Refuse Treatment to Man Over Trump 2020 Face Mask


A “registered nurse” on Twitter threatened to potential withhold treatment from a Trump supporter, amid the coronavirus, over a tweet where the man wore a red face mask embroidered with the phrase “Trump 2020.”

The tweet from the self-described “registered nurse” drew a lot of negativity from social media–as she was expressing an intent to refuse essential medical care over political views.

The Twitter user, going by the handle @naplesalleycat, who describes themself as a Registered Nurse Practitioner and uses multiple left-wing hashtags in her Twitter bio, wrote: “I’ll see you in ER. Please wear your mask so when we have to decide who gets the vent, it’ll be easier. Thanks”

The nurse, also going by the name Erika Waters, was responding to a tweet from the face-mask-clad Trump supporter who tweeted: “My wife sewed this face mask today to protect me from the Wuhan virus and show support for president Trump.”

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One person commented: “More people are likely to die under your care than anything else. Medical homicide via negligence is the third leading cause of death in the United States. You’ve now shown the world why that is.”

While various tweeters tagged the Florida medical board beneath the Tweeter’s inflammatory tweet, another person wrote: “Thanks for confirming there ARE RN’s like you out there. Willing and able to take a life with zeal, abort a baby with delight and hold back critical meds to bring suffering”

“Hope your medical malpractice carrier doesn’t see this,” commented another.

A fourth said: “I’m pretty sure an actual doctor will make that call, not a nurse…”

A fifth remarked: “So you went to school to decide human life by their political views… So sad a person with the amount of training you have would be so cold. A human life is a human life…

“We are in this journey together. I would never turn my back on a person because of political views.”

Other accounts began tweeting about the incident as the nurse became a target for social media outrage.

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