REPORT: Mentally Ill Finnish Boy Pushed to Terrorism by US Feds on Social Media


A mentally unstable 17-year-old Finnish boy from the Lahti region, who had converted to Islam, was egged on by US Federal Agents behind fake social media accounts to commit a terrorist attack.

According to Finland’s MTV’s Crime Spot program, the teenager had planned a terrorist attack on the Lahti World Ski Stadium in 2017’s winter season.

It was known that the boy kept in touch with a 16-year-old Finnish girl who had also converted to Islam. The girl had no involvement with the terrorist attack.

After the terror plot was foiled, it was revealed that US intelligence officers had conversed with the boy under fake accounts and pseudonyms, encouraging him to carrying out an attack.

According to MTV, the fake accounts “urged the boy to commit a terrorist attack. In the conversations, the boy had himself made a bomb or other attack on the Lahti World Championships. There were other possible destinations.”

After much prompting, the US intelligence officers contacted Finland’s security services to intercept the boy before any major attack could take place.

Since then, however, the boy has been under the supervision of the authorities even though, given the circumstances, the case reportedly didn’t make it to court.

In a tweet–alluding to a snippet from an MSNBC segment which talked about Federal Agents provoking radicals into committing attacks–Finnish pundit, Tiina Wiik, said, “In Finland a [17-year-old] kid, who had converted to [I]slam and wasn’t mentally stable, was suspected of planning a terrorist attack. Turned out US agents had egged him on using fake accounts. So “security officers” secure us by trying to turn mentally ill children into terrorists.”

National File spoke to Tiina, who said, “And it was clear that the boy had no serious intent of committing a terrorist act.

“He had just been talking tough, and then American agents started badgering him about it, pushing and pushing, and the kid told the interrogators that it made him uncomfortable how he was being egged on to become a terrorist.”

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