Gavin McInnes, the founder of the Proud Boys and the conservative political commentator, was escorted out of CPAC by police and security guards.

McInnes spoke exclusively to National File about why he got kicked out of CPAC. “I was calling all these liberal media groups that got into CPAC no problem, I couldn’t get in, but they could get in; I was calling them tattletales,” McInnes said. He was then escorted off of the property by police and at least four security guards.

McInnes wasn’t told why he was removed from the Gaylord convention centre, but suspects that the liberal media “journalists,” like Will Sommer and Jared Holt, who he was mocking, complained to organisers about his attendance.

“CPAC is hypocritical,” McInnes told the National File, and is quickly becoming “p***y central.”

McInnes told InfoWars’s Harrison Smith that security actually refused to say that he was being removed, and was instead simply being “moved to the other side of the door.” Smith asked him why this country is being infected with “snitch energy” right now.

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“It’s beta males, they can’t compete,” McInnes replied:

Say we were all cavemen savages… and they all want the same thing, whether it’s the girl or success or influence, and they want to be part of the conversation. They can’t compete with big, bombastic dudes like Alex Jones. So what do you do? Fight him, and lose, and then he gets the girl? Or do you get a rock somewhere, and hit him in the back of the head when he’s sleeping…

You see the ways these guys behave, and it can be effective if the conservatives they are tattle-taleing to are pussies. There’s always been tattle-tales and rats and snitches and soyboy. There’s always been the cavemen who can’t get the girl, but for some reason, modern Conservative Inc. is determined to kowtow to these pussies, and they go “oh okay I’ll go get them!” That will be the death of us.

McInnes added that CPAC had already denied his media credentials, so had purchased a regular pass instead. “Why are these liberal groups like Mediaite allowed here… and I’m not and Enrique Tarrio… the Proud Boys chairman wasn’t even allowed to come, even as a guest?” he questioned.

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